Friday, August 13, 2010

Pork Boy

So, the best part of this story is that people around me currently think it must be the worst date story. Never fear, I tell them...I've got worse ;-)

But back to pork boy. It should have been a big hint when he said to me over email "i just LOVE pork, really I'm completely passionate about it. If you don't like pork I just don't know if we should go out". Ever a believer in honesty I said "well, I'm a veggie - so peace out".

He came back and said he'd been kidding and thought we should still go out. A believer in giving people a chance (I know, I know) I said yes and off we went. I was having serious second thoughts until he called the night before and seemed nice over the phone - good voice (important, right?)

We went for sushi...and here are the 3 topics of conversation:
1. "Fun" stories from he was raging drunk (as he plowed through 3 beers to my 1)
2. How much trouble he kept getting into at work, bascially because he didn't actually work
3. How his friends kept making fun of the things he'd told them about me before the date. Example: "she's from Boston" - "oh my GOD, they are horrible - good luck with that, make sure she doesn't have an accent before meeting her".

Sooo - after a lovely evening where I thankfully did NOT shoot myself...I'm back out there ;-)

~Shocked that I'm still Trying...