Friday, August 13, 2010

Pork Boy

So, the best part of this story is that people around me currently think it must be the worst date story. Never fear, I tell them...I've got worse ;-)

But back to pork boy. It should have been a big hint when he said to me over email "i just LOVE pork, really I'm completely passionate about it. If you don't like pork I just don't know if we should go out". Ever a believer in honesty I said "well, I'm a veggie - so peace out".

He came back and said he'd been kidding and thought we should still go out. A believer in giving people a chance (I know, I know) I said yes and off we went. I was having serious second thoughts until he called the night before and seemed nice over the phone - good voice (important, right?)

We went for sushi...and here are the 3 topics of conversation:
1. "Fun" stories from he was raging drunk (as he plowed through 3 beers to my 1)
2. How much trouble he kept getting into at work, bascially because he didn't actually work
3. How his friends kept making fun of the things he'd told them about me before the date. Example: "she's from Boston" - "oh my GOD, they are horrible - good luck with that, make sure she doesn't have an accent before meeting her".

Sooo - after a lovely evening where I thankfully did NOT shoot myself...I'm back out there ;-)

~Shocked that I'm still Trying...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Non-Single Boy

So you might have thought I was gone never to return...but never fear, I'm still single ;-)

My latest foray into the "dating" world (you'll understand in a minute the quotes)...has left me surrounded by boys with GFs. Is it better or worse that they're GFs the guys don't like...?

I have had flowers left for me...dinners bought (didn't know about the GF at that point)...WTF?

Where does the friendship end and it becomes awkward for the "taken" guy to spend time with a new it the "newness" that makes it uncomfortable...or are we just talking shady men?

~NOT Trying

Monday, July 16, 2007


I've struggled since Saturday night to figure out what to write about this date...basically because he was so...NORMAL(?!)

I'm almost disappointed that I don't have a good story to tell! THAT is what this experience has done to me so far, ugh. Literally, I meet this nice, normal guy....who talks and pays for dinner and doesn't make odd comments, or try to weirdly touch me...and my thought walking away? "Hrm, no good story to tell about this one"

With that said, he was a nice guy, who lives near me, works as a journalist, likes to travel, prefers white wine to red (like me)...but I left with a question:

What do you do if you had a good time, but there was no "spark"? Or really, what constitutes a spark? I mean, I don't think I'm expecting love at first sight...but am i really at the point where just meeting a normal guys means an automatic second date? Actually, I gave Mr Sunglasses a chance...definitely need to try this guy again ;-)

Look forward to your thoughts...


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mr Tongue

So this isn't really an online dating's more a story of a shady, shady man. Which, it's not shocking to think there's a shady man in Las's more the gumption!!

So I'm dancing *boogie boogie*, feeling the beat and all that...and short man comes up. Now, I'm not judging the shortness (well, maybe just a bit)...BUT, it's the sneaky way he slides in between me and a friend and just latches, no slowly inching in...but CLAMP, he's attached.

I give a "why me" look to my friend...and try to decide the best way to handle this...since I TRY not to be rude...but then suddenly my face is grabbed and there's a tongue coming at me! EW EW EW...and I frantically start flailing arms trying to escape...

Thankfully, my friend came to immediate rescue and removed Mr Tongue and we fled that dance location...I just wanted to send a warning to the ladies that there is a wild tongue out there on the loose!!

~ Wasn't Even Trying on This One...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mr Metro...

All right, all right…I’ve finally been bugged enough to write another entry (even bribed with cookies - Cave Cibum), though I admit I haven’t been on another date. You might be asking yourself “why hasn’t she been on another date?”…and I could answer that (though I’d wonder why I needed to)…but instead I’m going to tell you a story…

One day in early April I leave my office, and walk out into the sunshine. A nice looking gentleman walking by strikes up a conversation with me…we chat while walking to the metro…he offers his number and from there…we part ways…

Now, I, of course ask every possible person I’ve met in my entire life “should I call this guy?!” (some decisions should not be made on one’s own)…and pretty much 80% of people said “no, you shouldn’t…a guy should call the girl”. Of course I ignored that suggestion and called Mr Metro…

Instead of getting together immediately (as anyone would after talking to me for 10 minutes, duh)…we start emailing until he has some free time…then he starts texting. Now, you all know I’ve been pretty patient with the gentleman so far…(read some previous posts if you need some clarification!) but extreme texting annoys me. MAKE PLANS! I don’t need a modern penpal!! (especially one who writes “do you like older men” – what is this, email porn?”)

So it comes down to a Friday night text at 10:30pm from Mr Metro saying “what are you doing now?”…and really I got extremely annoyed (probably more from the fact that an accurate response would have been “sleeping until your text woke me!” then from the text itself)…but either way I didn’t respond…

Cut to a few days ago and WAM…an email from Mr Metro (YES the FIRST time I’d heard from him since that text!!!) - “hey, sorry I’ve been busy, I switched jobs…how are you? Want to get together?”


Does he really think that’s an acceptable email at this point? OR that he’s going to get a positive reply…um, no…


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Something to keep you entertained...

Just something to make you laugh while I'm working to many hours to find time for a date ;-)

Thanks to Pam for the link!

Female point of view...>1=10091

Male point of view...>1=10091

Notice please that the woman's male dates were WEIRD, and the guy's female dates just "didn't click"....figures ;-)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So I've been getting lots of questions regarding my next date (seriously people...can you blame me for needing a break?!) I was just taking some time to see people I actually like, and work's been a bit crazy.

But don't worry...just wanted to let you all know I'm on it!

Hopefully some new posts next week ;-)