Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mr Tongue

So this isn't really an online dating's more a story of a shady, shady man. Which, it's not shocking to think there's a shady man in Las's more the gumption!!

So I'm dancing *boogie boogie*, feeling the beat and all that...and short man comes up. Now, I'm not judging the shortness (well, maybe just a bit)...BUT, it's the sneaky way he slides in between me and a friend and just latches, no slowly inching in...but CLAMP, he's attached.

I give a "why me" look to my friend...and try to decide the best way to handle this...since I TRY not to be rude...but then suddenly my face is grabbed and there's a tongue coming at me! EW EW EW...and I frantically start flailing arms trying to escape...

Thankfully, my friend came to immediate rescue and removed Mr Tongue and we fled that dance location...I just wanted to send a warning to the ladies that there is a wild tongue out there on the loose!!

~ Wasn't Even Trying on This One...

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Liney said...

Nasty - drunk doesn't even excuse that.