Monday, July 16, 2007


I've struggled since Saturday night to figure out what to write about this date...basically because he was so...NORMAL(?!)

I'm almost disappointed that I don't have a good story to tell! THAT is what this experience has done to me so far, ugh. Literally, I meet this nice, normal guy....who talks and pays for dinner and doesn't make odd comments, or try to weirdly touch me...and my thought walking away? "Hrm, no good story to tell about this one"

With that said, he was a nice guy, who lives near me, works as a journalist, likes to travel, prefers white wine to red (like me)...but I left with a question:

What do you do if you had a good time, but there was no "spark"? Or really, what constitutes a spark? I mean, I don't think I'm expecting love at first sight...but am i really at the point where just meeting a normal guys means an automatic second date? Actually, I gave Mr Sunglasses a chance...definitely need to try this guy again ;-)

Look forward to your thoughts...


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mr Tongue

So this isn't really an online dating's more a story of a shady, shady man. Which, it's not shocking to think there's a shady man in Las's more the gumption!!

So I'm dancing *boogie boogie*, feeling the beat and all that...and short man comes up. Now, I'm not judging the shortness (well, maybe just a bit)...BUT, it's the sneaky way he slides in between me and a friend and just latches, no slowly inching in...but CLAMP, he's attached.

I give a "why me" look to my friend...and try to decide the best way to handle this...since I TRY not to be rude...but then suddenly my face is grabbed and there's a tongue coming at me! EW EW EW...and I frantically start flailing arms trying to escape...

Thankfully, my friend came to immediate rescue and removed Mr Tongue and we fled that dance location...I just wanted to send a warning to the ladies that there is a wild tongue out there on the loose!!

~ Wasn't Even Trying on This One...